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4.11.13: I have one year left for my Masters in Education. Getting married end of the month :) Haven't been doing much the in online world. Now it's been more work, home prep (cleaning, organizing, etc.), school and everythig else that life traps adults in!

10.31.2011: I'm engaged!! Look at My Love My Scrat for the details!

5.31.2011: It's been quite some time now. I am currently working one job and going to school for my Masters in Elementry education! I have officially finished my first full semester and am awaiting the grades. I am still ATL with Dreamers Odyssey but sadly I have been lacking as school is very time consuming. I have written a few poems here and there and my Wiccan studies have been placed on the back burner. I am highly addicted to two Facebook games, Frontierville and Dragons of Atlantis. James and I are still together and it has been a wonderful 4 yrs now :) Hopefully I will provide little updates here and there but I do not plan to renew my site once the contract is over. It has been a very many years that I started my own site but perhaps once my life is completely in its path, I will reach out again to this wonderful online world.